January 1, 2014


Naaman and I had the fun of taking my sisters' senior pictures. We drove around the neighborhoods of Battle Ground trying to find a little wooded area tucked away amongst the neighborhood homes. It was almost sunset and we were getting a bit frantic about finding the spot. The sunlight was quickly disappearing and everyone knows that light is the most valuable ingredient to a beautiful photograph. Once we finally located the spot we shot out to make the most of the light. We had a fun time shooting the pictures and we were surprised  to find tiny tree frogs all over the place.

I did not realize that my sister has grown up until I edited these pictures. She has grown up beautifully, but that was never to be questioned since she's been a darling since birth. These pictures show her colorful quirkiness and femininity. I love the colors and that some of these shots have a storybook feel to them. In fact I admired these photos so much that I had to share them. Ladies and gentlemen, my younger sister..  Lela. xo Yana.


  1. Very pretty! -Telina

    1. Thanks! It's kind of weird when you realize your kid siblings aren't kids anymore..