January 4, 2014

A Romp in the Leaves

 It has been ever so cold here lately and I have been reminiscing on Fall. When all the trees are turning gorgeous colors and the weather is still really sunny and comfortable with just a hint of chilliness. It's such a beautiful time of the year. We had the fun of stopping by, of all places, a business park that had really beautiful trees and just piles and piles of leaves, and even a small artificial pond full of ducks. What did we do? Have an impromptu play in the leaves with Jude. I'm sure that more than one passersby thought we were peculiar for doing that in public on a busy street, but when the opportunity presents itself, why not? Jude had such a ridiculous amount of fun with the leaves, I was a bit surprised. Kids really are so much simpler than adults. Maybe I should take a few lessons from him.

I'm so glad to have captured this leaf-throwing fun in photos. If the northwest has anything going for it, it's the really beautiful autumns we get here. But now I am looking forward to Spring!! xo Yana.

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