July 8, 2014

Summer Cloth Diapering

I am not a hot weather girl. The sun is amazing, beautifully warm weather is to live for and getting a glowing tan is gorgeous, but hot, sweaty, humid weather is pretty much the worst. What makes it worse, is how it conflicts with using cloth diapers on my babies. If I myself am feeling wretched in hot weather, what does my baby feel like in the same weather plus a plastic diaper cover. It must be so hot and sweaty and uncomfortable. Just imagine what it would be like to wear a plastic bag, with holes cut out for legs, in really hot weather.What a joke! It's almost a sort of cruel punishment. So when the weather gets extremely uncomfortable, I put away the reusables, and whip out the disposable (chlorine and chemical free) diapers.

Still I can't shake off a bit of guilt about using disposable diapers. Just the idea of billions of diapers piling high at the dump makes me feel super irresponsible for using them. I could learn elimination communication (infant potty training) and have my babies out of diapers around age one. Or figure out what they used before disposable diapers were invented. Sometimes I just let a diaper-less Teddy lay on a blanket  to let him air out and cool down.

I would love to know the rest of you cloth diapering mama's do in hot weather. Do you also keep a stash of (contraband) disposables on hand?

xo, Yana.

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