March 5, 2014

By Yourself

I could go to sleep and join them but somehow there is something irresistible to being the only one awake. There is a sense of peace and safety about. Everyone is sleeping but me. Instead I am here, baking, sewing, enjoying mellow indie , and just really happy to be spending time with myself. I saw this pin on Pinterest today and it got me thinking if I do as it suggests.
I think that happiness in life relates very closely to the concept of enjoying your own company. How can anyone else like to be around you if you don't like to be around yourself? I bet this is key to having good self-esteem. Being able to be happy with yourself and giving yourself a break from scrutiny of faults and any other negative thoughts toward yourself. After all there's only one you and life isn't long enough to spend too much time picking yourself apart. Let's focus less on ourselves and just be. Enjoy your own company.


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